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Pasadena Craftsman, is a professional general contractor company dedicated to restore remodeling renovate and  improve Craftsman homes. 

Focus in remodeling or restoring craftsman and bungalow homes to their original beauty.  We are also dedicated to construction of residential properties. It’s our ability to provide our clients with exceptional service. 

Our passion is to restore a craftsman house to its original beauty and we take very seriously.

Original Craftsman houses tend to make less efficient use of their floor-plan and are low energy efficient comparing to the newer homes, now a days developers rarely build them. In turn, this means supply often does not meet demand, you can have the best of both worlds if you are willing to undertake a renovation project.

We take pride in craftsmanship. providing turn key solutions from breaking ground, building from scratch to final finish details. 

We understand that we are handling our clients biggest investment. No matter the size of the project large or small, we would manage it with great skill, care, good efforts, cost transparency and utmost professionalism.

Our mission is the same as yours, making your home a great place to live.
We focus in getting our construction or remodeling work done according to the city codes of the building and safety department.

Pasadena Craftsman is located in the city of Pasadena State of California, servicing the city of Pasadena, South Pasadena and surrounding cities of Los Angeles community.


Pasadena Craftsman offers a variety of home remodeling services to help you fully customize your home, giving your property a complete valuable upgrade.

Pasadena Craftsman specialize in restoring California bungalow or Craftsman style homes to their original historical state. We are fueled by a passion to restore the houses's classic Craftsman lines, we carefully rehabilitate with utmost craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Our clients will considered our craftsmanship to be one of the finest works in Los Angeles County area. We have many years of experience, we are trustworthy and efficient with our clients.

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Craftsman house exterior remodel Pasadena, CA

Craftsman house exterior remodel Pasadena, CA


The dreamed kitchen would become a reality. Your kitchen should reflect your lifestyle. Start by thinking about how you use your kitchen and what you need and want on a daily basis.

Pasadena Craftsman contractor will remodel your kitchen with appearance, storage and the configuration that you always wanted. Adding beauty and function with the top layouts, kitchen design ideas and lighting trends.

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Home improvement. Kitchen remodeling Pasadena, CA.

Home improvement. Kitchen remodeling Pasadena, CA.


Give your bathroom design a boost with a little planning and our inspirational bathroom remodel ideas. 

Generally a  permit is required for bathroom remodels that include the removal & replacement and/or relocation of vanity cabinets, toilets, sink, tubs/showers, replacement/alteration to the electrical, or removal & replacement of the wallboard. We can assist you with the process of city approval.

A custom bathroom remodel not only enhances comfort but will create a long lasting value. A real home improvement, a bathroom could be also a focal point when buying or selling.

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Remodeled bathroom Pasadena CA

Remodeled bathroom Pasadena CA


Building your own house is an experience many homeowners dream of. It could seem overwhelming but with Pasadena Craftsman construction you will be relaxed sitting on the driver seat. 

Pasadena Craftsman Construction takes pride in craftsmanship. We are a licensed general contractor providing turn key solutions to all your construction and renovation needs even from plan designing. We complete construction jobs from breaking ground, building from scratch to final finish details.  

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General Constructor, construction work. Pasadena, CA

General Constructor, construction work. Pasadena, CA


New state zoning provisions changes are favorable for homeowners of R-1 single homes to build a second unit or guest house. Legally known now as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), They innovative, affordable, effective option for adding much-needed housing in California.

ADUs are an affordable type of home to construct in California because they do not require paying for land, major new infrastructure, structured or parking

ADUs can provide a source of income for homeowners. With different street number, they legally a second house.

ADUs allow extended families to be near one another while maintaining privacy.  Read more ...

New guest houses or unit ADU's, can now be easily build in single family homes zoned R-1

New guest houses or unit ADU's, can now be easily build in single family homes zoned R-1


Choosing paint colors for your craftsman bungalow or historic home be a daunting task. 

There are a lot of options when it comes to painting the outside of your house today, only some are good. 

New paint technology has given us an endless supply of colors. But with so many paint choices it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes time to make a decision for your house. After all, having the outside of your house painted is a big expense and not something as easy to redo as an ill-fated color choice for the guest room. 

We provide with excellent results for historic restoration painting, restoring your craftsman house to its original beauty. Timeless quality, rich, velvety and durable finish.  Read more ...

Exterior painting South Pasadena CA - 100 year old Craftsman house repainting.

Exterior painting South Pasadena CA - 100 year old Craftsman house repainting.

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