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Pasadena Craftsman, is a professional general contractor company that focuses in the best restoration and remodeling of craftsman homes, we also perform brand new homes construction, room additions and interior and exterior remodeling. It’s our ability to provide our clients with best exceptional service. We are experts in residential homes and we specialize in restoring craftsman and bungalow homes to their original beauty. Pasadena Craftsman is a Construction company located in the city of Pasadena State of California. We expand our service from Pasadena, South Pasadena to the entire Los Angeles community.

Pasadena Craftsman takes pride in the best craftsmanship. We are a licensed general contractor providing best turn key solutions to all your construction and renovation needs from plan designing to the complete construction of your brand new home. We complete construction jobs from breaking ground, building from scratch to final finish details. We are ready to complete any project, big or small from remodeling a bathroom or interior or exterior painting and all of the above to the construction of a new home.
We understand that we are handling our clients biggest investment. No matter the size of the project large or small, we would manage it at its best, with great skill, care, good efforts, transparency and utmost professionalism.
As an experienced construction company, we are your best general contractor in Los Angeles county, we are very familiar with the unique city requirements and focus in getting our construction or remodeling work done according to the city codes of the building and safety department.

Meet the pros, the best construction company in Los Angeles.  Call us to assess the condition of your property,  we will assist you with your home improvement, no job is too small.  We will work very hard to exceed your expectation building your new home or restoring your bungalow craftsman house to its original beauty.

Best General Contractor - Timeliness and Cost Transparency

General Contractor's License # B947307

Call me to assess the condition of your property, and assist you with your home improvement, no job is too small.  I work very hard to exceed your expectation restoring your bungalow craftsman house to its original beauty. We are the best construction company at your service.

Originally from Lima Peru, inmigrated to the US in the late 70's. Lived in Oahu Hawaii a few years and moved in early 90's to Los Angeles, California. Now he established his home in Pasadena, a city he loves. He is the company founder and started his career as home remodeler back in 1994 after the Northridge earthquake in which for a great providence he was able to buy many damaged homes to rebuild, and helped many home owners to get re-established back in their homes recuperating from major losses. In the early 2006, began to focused his attention to the construction of brand new homes and rebuilding and restoring many beautiful craftsman historical homes, restoring many craftsman and bungalow homes to their beautiful shine.

Cesar Espejo is a California general contractor and builder with experience, he directs our entire team to take pride in quality craftsmanship focusing in client satisfaction. We make sure we handle each home remodel project with high level of care and excellent communication.