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Exteriors and New Construction

Pasadena Craftsman, is a professional general contractor company that focuses in remodeling craftsman homes, Our passion is to restore a craftsman house to its original beauty and we take very seriously.

 Original Craftsman houses tend to make less efficient use of their floor-plan and are low energy efficient comparing to the newer homes, now a days developers rarely build them. In turn, this means supply often does not meet demand, you can have the best of both worlds if you are willing to undertake a renovation project.

You are not alone, craftsman homes are the soul of our company.

We realize the importance of a welcoming front porch with all the craftsmanship accents.

We can bring more natural light into your craftsman house, make it energy efficient, improve its curb appeal.

We look at the many ways to remodel a craftsman bungalow to make best possible use of space.

It’s our ability to provide our clients with exceptional service. We are experts in restoring old homes and we specialize in renovating and improving craftsman and bungalow homes to its original beauty and make them more efficient, bringing them side by side to a new home regarding the energy efficiency.

 Pasadena Craftsman Construction is located in the city of Pasadena State of California, servicing the city of Pasadena, South Pasadena and Los Angeles community.

New Construction

We are a professional home builder contractor. Every home have countless possibilities for customization, regardless of your budget or your style, we offer variety of services to build those dreams into reality. Building your own house is an experience many homeowners dream of. It could seem overwhelming but with Pasadena Craftsman construction the results are wonderful. 

Adding or expanding a room is exciting and many times much easier option then buying a larger house; we would help your addition to be cost affective.

Our team of professionals know that its important to build something that look and feel like part of the house, not something that’s tacked on. 

We focus in efficiency designed floor plans making use of every square foot, with large open kitchens with easy flow to the dining areas. Some of the newly advanced systems that will run your home may include high efficiency tankless water heaters, insulation, windows, doors with air sealing, intelligent fireplace with remote control.
Your home will be an inspiration to your friends and relatives.

If you’re planning to build your own house from the ground up, add a second story, or just add a room, Pasadena Craftsman will work with you to design, frame, construct, and finish.

We are one-stop-shop for all of your construction and renovation needs, and we’ll help build a quality structure that will provide lasting value and curb appeal.